Your Grocery Driver is a local service that delivers groceries straight to your home. We are based in Morristown, NJ and deliver to most surrounding towns. Our quick and easy process allows you to send us your grocery list and for us to purchase everything you need and deliver it all to your home without the hassle and threat of going to the store! Our Mission is to help local residents (Of all Ages) avoid going to grocery stores and staying safe and healthy!


What Precautions are being taken for home delivery?

YourGroceryDrivers are taking additional measures to promote cleanliness through regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizer per CDC guidance.  All of our drivers will always be in YourGroceryDriver Attire, they will also have their temperature taken every morning and will always practice Social Distancing.  Drivers will be wearing gloves and approved Face masks throughout the entire shopping and delivery process.  Our drivers will also sanitize the shopping cart they are putting your groceries in!

 All of our deliveries are contactless. This means that the driver will drop your order on your front step, take a picture of the groceries and ring the doorbell then depart.